Welcome to DMZ IT Limited

DMZ IT limited is a IT training center which is make freelancer by quality training. DMZ IT means demilitarized zone IT.

In this moment in our country get a job is a big challenge. Get a job depend of your fortunate. Maximum time you do not get your expected job. But don’t need to be disappointed. No more need to move from door to door for a job after pass your education. Now the time to take your course and no need to waste your time for job searching. Because you can do freelancingJust after take some course and you can make your self-employment.

We are give all type of IT course and help to prepare freelancer. Like Web Development, Networking & Information Systems, Software Development, Design & Multimedia, Digital Marketingetc.If you take a course and use it professionally you must make your bright carrier by working market place like Odesk, freelancer, Elance etc.

Web Development

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Software Development

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Design & Multimedia

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Digital Marketing

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Long-term success can only be assured by enlightening new ideas. We want your comprehensive cooperation in reducing poverty, unemployment and in creating skilled human resources. That is the way Open IT encourages its community to be innovative gives them the means to see their ideas realized. We strive to achieve Quality Services by comprehending their need through close interaction and by creating a global network.

Why Choose Us ?

  • You’re inspired by a Certified Trainer, who has extensive knowledge over real world working management
  • You choose how the session goes. Customize it; choose the topic, the tone, the energy involved. It’s pure personal training, 100% your way.
  • You gain relevant knowledge to become more productive and creative
  • You build your confidence. No more frustration, no more stress. You feel empowered to make the most out of your technology and of yourself
  • You benefit from extensive knowledge in some of the best technology available on the market (WordPress platform). You get an experienced project manager who listens, provides suggestions and ideas to complement your vision and make it happen.
  • Your website looks great, works really well and is very easy to use.
  • You’re involved throughout the entire project through review periods and refinements to obtain a result that matches your vision.
  • You have a dream. We work together to make it happen. You get a partner for your web strategy for now and the future.
  • Our Objectives

  • The creation of a unique and innovative environment that will bring highly-tech international software projects to DMZ IT Technology.
  • Creation of Outsourcing cell all over Bangladesh
  • Appreciate the importance of human relationships and work attitudes.
  • Appreciate the importance of human relationships and work attitudes.
  • To give necessary & appropriate education & training
  • To help people in distributing food, shelter, Education, Medication and in volunteer work.
  • To train people in increasing men skills to make them skilled.
  • To make freelancer.
  • Be orientated towards work processes.
  • Apply theoretical concepts and software based skills to practice.
  • Develop work attitudes like curiousness, self-confidence, maturity and self-reliance.
  • Obtain knowledge of potential careers and develop new areas of interest.
  • Key Strengths

  • Training Management Module
  • E-Learning Module
  • HR Module
  • Student Database Module
  • Sophisticated web development
  • Data-driven applications
  • Delivery model flexibility: projects, dedicated teams, time & materials
  • Our Skills

    • SpongeBob Movie #2
    • Apple Computers
    • Google chat talk
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